Best Concrete Style for Sidewalks

Best Concrete Style for Sidewalks

Thanks to the versatility of concrete, the options for making your sidewalk unique are endless. Concrete is smooth, clean, and comes in different shapes that offer durability and permanence. Furthermore, a concrete sidewalk can be personalized to suit your needs, tastes, and preference. At San Rafael Concrete, we offer the best concrete style for sidewalks to enhance your curb appeal and property value. We are experts in:

Colored concrete

You can transform concrete to virtually any color imaginable with staining and dying products. An ideal color balance will beautify your sidewalk, give it more distinction, and precisely replicate the hues of brick, natural stone, or any other material. Using stains, powdered pigments, and integral color, our experts at San Rafael Concrete will make your sidewalk stand out. Besides, our stains penetrate deep inside the surface to create a fade-resistant, permanent hue that won’t peel or flake.

Stamped Concrete

Stamping concrete has become a popular decorative surface design for sidewalks. That is because your pattern options are virtually limitless- from traditional material like flagstone, brick, and slate to specialized patterns like nature-inspired botanical and wildlife motifs. San Rafael Concrete employs unique stamped concrete designs that are designed to be functional and beautiful. Our patterns and colors are selected to blend in with other landscaping elements in your home.

Stenciled Concrete 

Stenciling uses disposable paper stencils to create patterns in fresh concrete. They conceal the underlying surface, leaving behind realistic mortal joints. Stencils for concrete are available in different patterns: running-bond brick, slate, stone to tile. At San Rafael Concrete, we stencil patterns on new or existing concrete to ensure your sidewalk has a unique and remarkable appearance.

Exposed aggregate

Concrete exposed aggregate is a pebble-like finish, excellent for sidewalks due to its beauty as well as its highly slip-resistant walking surface. The concrete pros at San Rafael Concrete use contrasting colors and textures to combine areas of smooth and exposed aggregate finishes for more dramatic results. Besides, our concrete is designed from weather-resistant materials to ensure that your dream sidewalk will stand the test of time.

Scored and sawed

By using hand tools and saws, permanent patterns can be grooved or sawed into a concrete sidewalk surface. Then it can be highlighted with color to create distinctive graphic effects that can range from elaborate works of art to corporate logos. At San Rafael Concrete, we use specialized equipment and tools to cut designs into concrete and refurbish your sidewalk.

Resurfaced concrete overlays

With the growing trend to blend outdoor and indoor living pace, it is crucial to have an attractive sidewalk. So, when your sidewalk has discolorations, cracks, and surface imperfections, you can turn to concrete overlays to enhance it. Whether you prefer traditional pattern, brick, or random stone, San Rafael Concrete sidewalk overlays can offer your home an updated appearance.

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​Concrete sidewalks are more than just a path; they offer a much-needed curb appeal to buildings and homes. Besides, they are fast becoming a point of artistic expression due to their array of decorative options available.
At San Rafael Concrete, we have been revamping sidewalks with the best concrete styles for years. Our concrete options are outstanding, resilient, and fairly priced. You can rely on our highly and experienced experts to meet your precise specifications and sidewalk preferences.