Best Way to Get Rid of Stains from Concrete

Best Way to Get Rid of Stains from Concrete

One part of our structures like houses and garages that we rarely take care of is the floor. Whether tiled or just pure concrete, floors are more often than not overlooked when it comes to cleanliness. It is, however, not just therapeutic but also safe and healthy to regularly clean your floor thoroughly using the right materials for a little sparkle. If floors are not cleaned, they may catch stains which could be a headache to get rid of. If the stain has already caught the floor, it is important to act as quickly as possible.

Requirements for cleaning stains from concrete floors

Here are some of the important tools that you will need to clean stains from a garage floor. The same tools may be used to remove stains of coffee from a carpet.

  1. Paper towel to help clean the water after scrubbing and drying the floor.
  2. Concrete cleaner, which could be homemade or commercial, can contain hazardous chemicals if exposed to the wrong parts of the body, like the eyes. Keep out of reach of children.
  3. Eye goggles will protect your eyes from any toxic chemicals from the concrete cleaner.
  4. Protective gloves for handling the chemicals used to remove the stains.
  5. It could come in handy to spray water on the stain and provide a source of running water.
  6. Mop and bucket for a normal clean after thorough washing.
  7. Scrub or hard brush.
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How to remove the stains

Stains could be different, ranging from coffee spills, paint, oil, grease, among other sticky substances. Choosing the right cleaner to use is very important. Concrete cleaners can be improvised by using homemade items like kerosene, liquid, and powder detergent. Alternatively, buy a commercial concrete stain remover from a hardware or a home improvement store. This is better because you can use the surplus to get rid of rust or mildew. Always read the instructions carefully before opening the container.

1. Test the cleaner on a small spot

Some chemicals leave stains of their own after drying, so it is best to test the cleaner on a small spot before handling the major problem. This way, you will avoid creating another stain while trying to get rid of one. If the concrete stain remover leaves another stain, leave it and try another one that will not.

2. Prepare the surface

The area affected by the stain has to be clear; remove any objects that may prevent you from thoroughly cleaning the spot. Also, this is to avoid getting things wet unnecessarily and prevent petty losses.

3. Prepare the Concrete stain remover

Some cleaners do not need much processing, just applying them on the stain. On the other hand, some need to be mixed with other liquids like water, detergent, or another stain remover. Pour some of it into a container and add the mix’s requirements properly by stirring for some time before applying it to the targeted area.

4. Apply the cleaner

Pour the mixture on the area you wish to clean and scrub as hard as you can using a scrub or hard brush. Remember to wear your protective glasses and gloves.

5. Rinse the floor

Do this thoroughly using the hose pipe first, before using a bucket, and mop the second or third time. The stain should then be gone, and if not, repeat the process severally, especially if the stain was an old concrete stain.