Concrete Stairs Repair: An Easy Way to Improve Curb Appeal

Concrete Stairs Repair: An Easy Way to Improve Curb Appeal

Concrete is a building material that’s been around for thousands of years and people tend to think of it as being very durable. However, concrete actually starts to break down over time. It might start slowly– with a crack or a crumble– but eventually, even the most well-known long-time stairs will show signs of damage.

Repairing concrete stairs professionally is the only way to ensure that your stairs are structurally sound and safe. Well, if it’s for cosmetic purposes, a simple fix would do the job but if the concrete stairs have severally cracked and crumbled, contacting a concrete repair company for a more focused repair is the best decision. And, of course, your family’s safety is more important than the cost of a professional repair. What’s more, concrete repair can fix your steps in one day, saving you money you might otherwise spend if the problem gets worse.

It may seem like concrete is a pretty dull building material, but it’s strong and built to last. It really is a true alternative building material that has become an important part of the building industry. When properly installed and maintained, concrete is a durable material that will last for many decades. However, things like excess foot traffic, say in warehouses, can cause cracks to form. Over time, the pristine conditions of the stairs will deteriorate and eventually fall apart.

Moisture is the enemy of concrete, and it will get inside even a small crack in the concrete, causing a freeze-thaw cycle that aggravates the deterioration process. The expansion and contraction of ice in concrete cracks also contribute to more cracks since it acts as a stress factor. A series of expansion and contraction cycles can make a small crack bigger, causing even more deterioration. The moisture that seeps into the concrete via the expanding cracks can compound the issue, causing a severe structural problem.

Repair is an integral part of concrete steps that lots of people neglect. Aesthetics are great, but no one wants their home to look like it was built in the seventies. But, the last thing you need is a company that uses outdated methods and techniques to repair your concrete steps. This will often result in the concrete stairs being replaced rather than repaired. With advancements in technology and materials, stable and more appealing repairs are now easily achievable, and that’s exactly what you should get.


Before you choose a repair service, though, you need to determine how much work it will take to repair the damage. If it’s just a small amount of damage, it might be easier to repair the cracks and holes than to tear everything out and start from scratch. However, if you end up having to do a lot of work unnecessarily, it might not be worth it in the long run. In this regard, it wouldn’t hurt to get an expert’s opinion regarding the service you should get.

How to Repair Concrete Stairs with a Moldable Formula

If you’ve continuously put off repairing crumbling or cracked concrete steps for fear of a disruptive and costly process, now is the time to check out San Rafael Concrete’s concrete formula. It’s a moldable concrete formula that only requires water to use. This product is damp tolerant and does not require grinding. It stays where you put it, even on overhead surfaces. Compared to other repair methods, it allows for a quick return to service, saving you time and money.

The moldable concrete formula from San Rafael Concrete allows you to fill in holes up to six inches deep, not to mention that it sets in just 20 minutes and cures in six to eight hours. You can easily mix it up in a plastic container and paint it to match your surroundings. Remove all debris, damaged concrete, and any previous patching materials before applying the new patch.

This formula takes only a few easy steps to repair concrete steps with cracks, holes, and scuffs. When the material has set for 15-20 minutes, shave it to match the surrounding surface. It is always a good idea to shave the surface to the point where the repair mortar and existing surface bond.

Now is the time to invest a little to prevent injury to your customers or staff in the future, as well as avoid bigger problems later on. San Rafael Concrete manufactures a variety of premium concrete repair and patching products for commercial buildings. Get all your concrete repair needs handled by San Rafael Concrete. Call us today!