Fundamental Things You Need To Know About Concrete Resurfacing

Fundamental Things You Need To Know About Concrete Resurfacing

Have you noticed that your concrete driveway, garage floor, patio, or sidewalk show its age? Time erodes everything, including concrete, and since you want your property to look outstanding throughout, you’ll need to determine how to fix the problem. Usually, there are two options you can consider – demolishing the old surface and installing a new one or investing in concrete resurfacing.

If the slab is badly damaged or unstable, then you will have to rebuild it. But, if you only need to fix minor issues such as discoloring, cracking, or chipping, resurfacing will be an outstanding solution. Most people prefer concrete resurfacing because the process restores the surface to its original appurtenance fast, and the expenses are minimal.

What’s Concrete Resurfacing?

This procedure entails removing the top layer of a concrete surface, repairing the minor damages, and adding a new surface. The new layer is usually added using a resurfacer which looks and acts as ordinary concrete. The resurfacer, however, comes with special bonding agents that form a strong bond with the old concrete. Once the job is done, you are assured of having a cohesive and robust surface that looks new and beautiful. Standard concrete cannot be used for resurfacing as it will create a crumbling mess.

Does Concrete Resurfacing Last?

This is one of the common questions people ask before considering this renovation procedure for their sidewalks, driveway, or garage floor. The truth is that resurfaced floors can last up to 15 years, thanks to the advanced bonding properties in the resurfacer. But, it’s vital to ensure concrete resurfacing contractors handle the work to get quality and guaranteed service.

Can I Install the Resurface Myself?

Although it might be easy to buy a resurfacer at a hardware store in your locality, you shouldn’t try to install it yourself. Those DIY videos you find online make the process seem simple, but that’s not the case. The concrete needs to be treated well before adding a resurfacer, so the new surface won’t last long if this isn’t done. What’s more, the resurfacer must be applied properly, and this requires skill and experience to make informed choices. Finally, the work is done using commercial-grade tools, and you likely don’t have them.

It’s better to let an expert like a concrete contractor from San Rafael handle the task on your behalf. Our company hires qualified concrete contractors who can handle concrete resurfacing projects flawlessly and promptly. We also use commercial grade equipment to promote work efficiency and ensure we surpass our clients’ expectations.

What’s the Most Popular Concrete Resurfacing Finish?

If you research or talk to a qualified contractor, you will realize there are various concrete flooring applications you can consider for your project. One of the popular ones is the stamped concrete floor. But should you choose this finish or try other options like the brushed finish concrete flooring or power float concrete flooring? 

At San Rafael Concrete, we have seasoned contractors who can handle concrete resurfacing projects successfully and ensure you get customized service regardless of the finish you choose. We have worked with all industries and sectors, so your concrete resurfacing work will be in capable hands, even if it’s in a commercial space. Contact us today and learn more about how we can help actualize your vision.