How to Choose the Right Concrete Contractor for your concrete projects?

How to Choose the Right Concrete Contractor for your concrete projects?

Thu, 03 Sep 2020 07:00:00 GMT

You may not see it, but your home’s concrete floors take a beating every day. The weather, particularly the sun’s scorching rays, heavy rains, and the wind, can quickly wear out your concrete driveways and cause cracks to form. These cracks eventually grow and become more prominent if you don’t hire an experienced concrete contractor to fix the problem as it develops. Other stress factors may also cause your concrete floors to form cracks, scaling and settlement, and discoloration prematurely. 
This is often a result of a sub-par concrete mix, poorly compacted sub grade, and bad placement. Hiring the right contractor can help to address concrete issues in your driveways before it starts crumbling.

San Rafael Concrete is a proud leader when it comes to providing clients the solution and knowledge to care for and maintain their concrete floors. Here’s a concrete and masonry construction company with a strong workforce of professional contractors who build lifelong professional relationships with clients. Trust us to install and repair your damaged concrete floors the right way the first time.
Services San Rafael Concrete Provides
Although you will find many concrete service providers in San Rafael, CA, only a few have the experience and capabilities to provide you with the concrete and masonry services you need. San Rafael, Concrete is one of them.

Here’s a list of services we provide to our customers:

Concrete Driveways
When looking for contractors to repair your driveways, look no further. We take great pride in providing our clients with paving blocks made from clay or concrete. Customers can also request to have their outdoor patios and pathways renovated by our contractors. Our team offers the best, high-quality driveway solutions to help with your driveway woes.
We have immense knowledge and experience when it comes to solving our customers’ driveway problems. Our concrete driveways are an excellent alternative to obstruct paving. Our driveway services also involve inscribing the surface with your preferred patterns or stamps. You can choose your preferred driveway layout. You suggest your preferred layout, and we bring it to life.

Many homeowners have trouble maintaining their concrete sidewalks. Without proper maintenance, concrete sidewalks and pathways can easily get damaged and cause drops and injuries. If you are thinking of getting your cracked, sunken, or uneven concrete sidewalk repaired, contact us for a free quote today!

San Rafael Concrete prides itself on delivering the best concrete and sidewalk repairs in California. Trust our team of experienced contractors to construct or repair your sidewalks and any other similar jobs the right way the first time. Have your concrete sidewalk looking the best it can be with a touch of professionalism from our experienced concrete contractors. 

Curb Repairs
Fixing concrete curbs is just as critical as fixing driveways. And yes! We also fix concrete curbs and have the expertise and tools to get the job done in record time. Not only do broken curbs look undesirable, but they can also be highly hazardous and be a site for trip fall threats. Not to mention, you could be held responsible if anyone gets injured in your commercial or residential property due to a broken curb.

As soon as you start noticing visual cracks and crumbles on your curbs, it’s vital to change or fix it immediately. And San Rafael Concrete has the contractors and tools for the job. Give us a call today for additional information on how you can have your curb repaired or replaced.

What makes us the right contractors for your concrete floor?
As the leading concrete service provider in California, San Rafael Concrete is always set on meeting customers’ needs. Here are a few more reasons to give our concrete floor services a try:
• A contemporary, stylish look
• A professional concrete flooring service that listens to customer’s needs and gives advice where possible.
• Our team is well organized and experts in the field of concrete floor repairs and replacement
• We encourage a customer for life culture and emphasize outstanding service that meets our commitments
• We have a warranty, which provides a written guarantee that we deliver on concrete flooring services we promise
• Has an extensive range of concrete flooring equipment and services that makes us the right people for whatever job you want to be done.
• A licensed and insured concrete flooring contractor

How We Work
As a leader in fixing concrete floors in California, our work expertise, from pre-construction to closing projects, means that you never have to worry about guessing which company works best for you.

​We will certainly get the job done right for you. From the moment we start working, you will have the best experience fixing your concrete floors with us. Our friendly customer support team is always ready and willing to listen to your issues and provide you with a quote for concrete floor repairs.

Contact us today for more information. Put us to the test, and we will prove to you that we are better than the rest.