How to Fix A Crumbling Concrete Driveway

How to Fix A Crumbling Concrete Driveway

It may not look like it, but your home’s concrete driveway takes a beating every day. Weather, particularly the sun’s hot rays, the wind and strong rain can wear it out and cause cracks to form.
Without proper maintenance those cracks will eventually grow bigger, and soon parts of your concrete will crumble.
Other stress factors that could cause your concrete driveway to prematurely form cracks, discoloration, scaling and settlement can include sub-par concrete mix, bad placement and a poorly compacted subgrade.

All is not lost, though. You can opt for a concrete driveway repair but you’ll have to make sure your driveway is structurally sound. If unsure, seek the help of a professional. San Rafael concrete contractor who can assess your driveway’s condition and recommend the best way on how to repair it. That said, you will want to check the extent of the concrete damage. A simple DIY should be enough to fill in small holes or cracks, while surface problems and larger cracks should be handled by a professional.

The Materials You Need

Concrete repair may differ according to location. A horizontal driveway is easier to fix than a curved or sloping driveway and can be fixed using repair mortars. You may need a power sprayer, a bonding agent and primers as well.

How to Repair Your Concrete Driveway

It’s important to remove any loose debris before getting down to business. Use a power spray to eliminate crumbling concrete, oil, grease or paint in as little time. Leave the surface to completely dry before going to the next step.
Then, apply the bonding agent using a roller, broom or brush (depending on the size of the area). Make sure to work the substance in the surface of the driveway before leaving it to dry.
Lastly, the repair mortar can give your repaired driveway a nice finish. Read the instructions for the mortar-and-water mixture ratio and the drying time for the primer too.
Larger cracks and driveways with surface problems such as discoloration and spalling can be repaired with a concrete overlay, or a thin application of a cement-based material over the concrete. During concrete resurfacing, you can add a decorative finish like stamping or use your preferred color.
Overlay refinishing lasts longer than a simple patch and it’s better aesthetically as well.

Resurface, Repair or DIY?

A DIY approach is acceptable if you’re working with small cracks and holes. You’ll need to have the right tools and a good understanding of primer and repair mortar instructions.
Staining and coloring should be done by a professional concrete contractor as there are surface prep requirements, restrictions and coloring products to consider.
If there’s a need to resurface concrete driveway, leave it to an expert who can efficiently do the job and make your crumbling driveway look brand new. 

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