Improve Your San Rafael Curb Appeal With Beautiful Concrete Curb

Improve Your San Rafael Curb Appeal With Beautiful Concrete Curb

Thu, 15 Oct 2020 07:00:00 GMT

When you stand on the street, how does your home look? Not just the building itself, but the surrounding area.

When you are considering your home’s curb appeal, one place to look is at the lines that surround your home. This means your fence, but also the line that separates your house from the street. For many residential properties, this line is the curb.

To improve curb appeal for your home, many San Rafael homeowners find it advantageous to either have a concrete curb installed, or to hire a professional for a curb repair to make sure everything looks right and is safe for their family, friends, and neighbors. 

Did you know that California home buyers decide how much they feel a home might be worth within the first ten seconds of looking at the outside? While their feelings can certainly change as they explore the property, that first impression stays with them as they consider what a property may be worth to them.

Even if you aren’t selling your home, everyone wants to be proud of their property. People who walk by, and everyone you invite to visit your home, makes the same type of initial judgement on your property from its curb appeal. Every day when you arrive home, you get a feeling about your house as you look at it.

A quality concrete curb line can help create the aesthetic you desire for your home. 

Why Repair A Cracked or Crumbling Concrete Curb
A crumbling concrete curb is one way to ruin the first impression of your home. A damaged curb is unsightly, and until you take the time to have curb repair, it will bother you in the background.
Aesthetic appeal isn’t the only reason curb repair matters for your San Rafael, California home. The more important reason is actually a safety concern.

If your curb is crumbling, it may continue to do so. This is a tripping hazard for your neighbors, your friends who come to visit, and your family members.

Damaged concrete curb is especially a danger for small children and the elderly. No one wants to be responsible for failing to hire a professional for curb repair and then seeing a loved one take a hard fall.

Sometimes, people forget that the curb is still part of their residential property, but the areas around your matter. In fact, if someone is seriously injured on your residential property from tripping over a cracked or crumbling concrete curb, you could actually be found legally responsible for their injuries. 

Hiring the Right Professional for Your San Rafael Concrete Curb 
At the end of the day, if you want to have a concrete curb that is safe and aesthetically pleasing, it makes sense to hire an experienced professional who has worked everyday for years at this skill.

At San Rafael Concrete, we have the experience our customers have come to rely on. We know the needs of our California community and strive to meet them. That means we are happy to answer your questions, work to schedule appointments that will work for you, and have the right equipment at the ready to do the job to the highest level of standards. This way, your curb repair will not only look great but last as long as possible.

Are you ready to discuss how we can help you with concrete curb installation or curb repair? Contact our team of professionals today!